du LaLiga High Performance Centre

Your gateway to a LaLiga Pro-Football Career



The first ever global initiative for LaLiga enabling the youth across the UAE to train yearlong to become future national, regional and international pro-footballers.

The most prestigious scouting program in the UAE making dreams come true.

Talents scouted into the program from across the UAE exclusively through the du Football Champions or LaLiga Academy platforms.

Open in three categories:


With a revolving squad of 25 players in each category, the du LaLiga HPC is developing the future stars of football.

The Training

Talents are trained yearlong at the du LaLiga HPC state of the art facilities at the Sevens in Dubai.

Training at the du LaLiga HPC is focused on:

  • High sports performance
  • Drills to increase endurance
  • Improve reaction speed
  • Prevention and rehabilitation from sport injury
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Recovery
  • Fitness
  • Boosting athleticism

Partnering with Eupepsia Medical Clinic players also receive diet and nutrition programs with ongoing control testing to enable them to achieve and maintain physical, mental and emotional peak performance.