UAE’s Finest Young Footballers selected


Tuesday 15 May 2018

UAE’s Finest Young Footballers selected by professional LaLiga Scouts to Join the du LaLiga High Performance Centre


·         du LaLiga High Performance Centre (HPC) expanded to include Abu Dhabi teams

·         U12 Category added in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and kicking off in September enabling longer player development tracks

·         Top Talents in U14, U16 & U18 Teams to play competitive games against LaLiga’s finest youth teams in Spain with a potential to be scouted by top LaLiga clubs


Dubai, UAE – 15 May 2018 – Recognizing the value of the du LaLiga High Performance Centre (HPC) in discovering top football talents across the nation and developing them in preparation for professional football careers nationally and internationally, the du LaLiga HPC will be expanded next season to younger age groups and will include Abu Dhabi teams in addition to the Dubai teams across all categories: U18, U16, U14 and the newly added U12.


The announcement comes as the LaLiga scouts made their final selection to determine the top footballers across the nation for the 2017-2018 season of du Football Champions who will earn a coveted place at the highly acclaimed du LaLiga HPC following an extensive 3-week trial conducted across Dubai and Abu Dhabi


The nationwide talent search extended to more than 6,000 aspiring footballers who took part in duFC’s UAE Schools and Streets Cups, between November 2017 and April 2018.  Players have been selected both for new teams in Abu Dhabi and for existing teams in Dubai. 


Commenting on the final selection of talents from the third season of du Football Champions Fernando Sanz, LaLiga Director General in MENA and Head of International Projects, said, “In a short two years since we began developing talents at the du LaLiga High Performance Centre, we are already witnessing the development of players that have the skill set, focus and stamina to catch the attention of LaLiga Clubs as well as national teams and international clubs.  With the expansion to Abu Dhabi and the addition of a U12 team squad, we are confident that we will be producing a pipeline of the world’s best players in the coming years.”


The country’s finest footballers from all the corners of the UAE showcased their best football skills for the opportunity to be selected by LaLiga scouts throughout duFC to earn the chance to pursue their dreams for a pro-football career.


Selected talents in the U16 category will travel to Spain in August together with the selected talents from the U18 category, were they will all participate in an intensive 3-week training camp and play competitive matches against top LaLiga clubs, with the opportunity to be scouted by LaLiga clubs.





The newly added 2017/2018 du LaLiga High Performance team members are:


Goalkeepers Dubai:





Hedi Hbaieb

Peter Al Khoury

Kian Keshmir



Ahmad Assad


Defenders Dubai:





Alistair Hers

Robbie McArthur




Ahmad Salman

Khalid Kamal




Midfielders Dubai:





Azim Akkas

Mathew Leo

Mohammed Arsm

Hazem Kamal

Abdullah Omar

Rustan Jasim



Leo Mulfainey



Bassam Hatem






Forward Dubai:




Max Cooper

Mahmoud Husam

Harry Doran

Sami Smayra

Yousef Kamal

Yousef Mohamed


Hussein Issam

Sami Tashamneh


Ziyad Mansour

Yassin Mohamed


Zaid Tasmi

Wissem Benrazek



Ahmed Chakif



Luis Dunn



Abdulla Maraay











Goalkeepers Abu Dhabi:





Ahmed Rami

Ahmed Samer Khan

Ata Jarrar



Defenders Abu Dhabi:





Saeed Ahmed

Soo Yu Xiang

Tyler Goyea

Bashar Mohammed

Zane Said

Abdelrahman Abood

Hashem Khaled


Humaid Jarrar

Mustafa Omer




Midfielders Abu Dhabi:





Hassan Sameh

Mustafa Mohamed

Mohammed Kinan

Omar Shalaby

Mohammed El Barky


Pietro Manarin

Mostafa Sami




Forward Abu Dhabi:




Ali Mohamed

Mujahed Anwar

Harry Doran

Ahmed Khaleel

Ameen Yazid

Yousef Mohamed

Sultan Hilawa

Dillion Mensah


Ibrahim Amjad

Luke Whitfield

Sami Tashamneh


Fares Al Dhaheri



Mohamed Owaimer



Abdelrahman Fouad





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